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Last updated: May 29, 2023

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With Content Stack, you can easily create captivating content that stands out and resonates with your readers.

Choose from over 10 languages and 9+ tones of voice to write in, so you can be sure that your content captures the emotion that best suits your brand.

This AI writing assistant utilizes copywriting formulas like AIDA & PAS to provide optimal quality output that makes your customers buy and requires minimal effort to edit. 

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Content Stack Features

  • Content Stack can help you quickly and easily transform basic thoughts into finished works in just 15 minutes! 
  • The text-editing tool allows you to structure your content, shorten or enhance it, and add unique details without compromising on quality. 
  • With your own AI API Key, you can create unlimited pieces of content with ease. 
  • Content Stack can help simplify complex ideas and phrases into something more succinct and sophisticated. 
  • With a range of formatting tools available, you can give your text an edgy look that is sure to capture the attention of readers. 

Content Stack Features

Content Stack is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac so you can create text-based documents anywhere.

The blog writer allows you to craft quality content without having to spend hours on research or writing.

The Auto Longform Content Writer helps you write long blog posts in a fraction of the time.

You can transform any existing text that you have with the AI ReWriter or  add FAQs to your website with built-in section generator.

Add a human touch to your content by writing in an engaging tone and style.

Content Stack Pricing

Trial and Signing up for Content Stack Tools 

Signing up for Content Stack Tools is easy. You just fill in the form - your Name, Email and Password.

You don't need a credit card to try out this tool. After signing up, you have 7 days left for your trial.

UI and Dashboard

Content Stack Dashboard

The UI is clear, with menu on the left side. The dashboard features most popular tools, among others:  

  • FAQ Generator,
  • Cold Email Generator,
  • Blog Assistant,
  • Blog Magic Writer,
  • Blog Long Writer,
  • Blog Rewrite Rephrase,
  • Blog Rewriter Pro,
  • Book Writer Assistant,
  • Short Book Writer,
  • Long Book Writer and
  • Book Rewriter.

Inserting your own Open AI API key

Content Stack Setting Your Own Open AI api key

The first message you see after clicking on Blog Assistant is that you have to add your Open AI API key. Getting this API key is easy, but you have to create and account with Open AI. 

You enter your Open AI api key in Profile Settings. Hit "Update" and you are ready to go.

Blog Assistant

Content Stack Blog Assistant

Blog assistant features a few Use Cases, you can select from: Article Ideas, Article Sub-headings, Article Intro, Article Section and others.

Content Stack Blog Assistant Use Cases

Next, you enter your Blog Post Topic and Keyword. 

Then select Tone and Language. There are more than 20 tones to select and your output can be in one of 14 languages. Then hit "Write".

The generated content will be shown in an editor capable of HTML formatting. 

I tried the Article Ideas use case, this use case will give you 10 blog post title ideas.

Content Stack - Article Ideas in Blog Assistant

I tried also the Article Long Section use case. It took a little more time to generate the content (up to 1 minute), and the output I got was 406 words with subheadings and paragraphs.

The content scored 51% human in Contet At Scale's AI Content Detector. 

Content Stack Content in AI detector

Blog Magic Writer

With Blog Magic writer, the tool expects you to insert your blog topic and your keyword.

You can choose the Article Length - S, M, or L.

I went with M and the generation of the whole article could take close to 5 minutes, but I got an article of more than 2300 words. The article was properly formatted with subheadings. 

At content detector, the article scored as 75% human.

Content Stack Blog Post in AI detector

FAQ Generator

Content Stack FAQ Generator

Enter the name of your product/topic and get 10 questions related to your product.

Blog Rewriter Pro

Content Stack Rewriter Pro

Choose your Voice (Tone) when rewriting content. You can also choose point of view as a First Person or Second Person. 

You also have the ability to choose a Language, which makes this Rewriter effectively a Translator.


Nowhere I was able to find an option to choose which language model I want to use for my content generation. 

The output was of similar quality, like when you use a good prompt with any other writing tools. 

Content Stack Tools can give you a long article of 2000+ words from a title and a keyword. 

Content Rewriter can be used also to translate your content. 

I missed the summarizer. In Content Stack Tools you also find Short Book Writer and Long Book Writer, which is quite unique for this writer.

Overall, bloggers and users producing long form content will find this writer useful. Using your own API key, you won't by limited by how much content you can generate.  

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Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with Content Stack – the intelligent writing assistant that will change the way you create content!


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  • All future plan updates

$39 / lifetime $348 Get this deal