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Last updated: Jun 14, 2023

You can start using MarkCopy from $49/month.

Are you tired of spending hours writing SEO-friendly content that you can never find on Google? Of pouring time and resources into crafting content with no guarantees of ever getting the exposure it deserves? Stop beating your head against the wall; there's a better way.

Introducing MarkCopy—the easy, AI-driven solution to all your content needs.

With MarkCopy, you'll be able to craft detailed briefs for writers in minutes, with all the info they need like main focus, objectives, target keywords, and more. Plus, you can use AI to generate SEO-friendly blogs, LinkedIn posts, product descriptions, and more—all 100% unique and plagiarism-free. 

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$49 / month  Get this deal

MarkCopy is perfect for bloggers, content creators, and marketing agencies who want an alternative to programs like or Jasper.

It integrates seamlessly with Google, Google Drive, LinkedIn, and WordPress. What's more, it's 100% GDPR-compliant and offers a white label so you can write in your own engaging tone and style.

Features of MarkCopy

  • MarkCopy is an AI-powered SEO writing tool that helps you create blog posts, product descriptions and LinkedIn posts in minutes
  • Choose from over 20 optimized content templates to get started, or save your favorites for later
  • Edit the content generated by MarkCopy for extra customization, or expand sections for even more content
  • Create Google-optimized content with a AI writing assistant
  • Outline long-form content easily with content briefs
  • Check for plagiarism to ensure originality with Copyscape integration
  • Grant joint access rights to the team so everyone can collaborate together

MarkCopy Features

What users like about MarkCopy

  • MarkCopy creates content briefs and long-form content that are always plagiarism-free
  • Produce engaging LinkedIn posts that align with your overall marketing strategy and goals
  • The tool analyzes your industry, target audience, and ideal keywords to come up with fresh ideas for social media posts 
  • Generate SEO-friendly product descriptions tailored for your target audience to boost ecommerce sales 
  • Create Google-friendly product descriptions that attract more traffic to your store
  • MarkCopy can produce loads of content that actually ranks, including blogs, product descriptions, and LinkedIn posts 
  • Write in an engaging tone and style to captivate readers

Pricing of MarkCopy

You can start using MarkCopy from $49/month. This plan gives you 50,000 AI generated words.

Start creating content that will get the exposure it deserves with MarkCopy today!

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$49 / month  Get this deal