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Last updated: Jun 15, 2023

Basic plan is free, paid plans start at $30 per month.

It's time to make content marketing simpler and more efficient.

Introducing Simplified – your go-to platform for designing beautiful, impactful visuals and writing engaging copy with minimal effort.

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Create stunning graphics, videos, and copy that’s ready to publish across multiple channels in seconds.

With Simplified, you have access to a no-code AI-powered design editor, millions of photos, thousands of designs, video templates, icons, and fonts at your fingertips.

Plus, get 35+ AI copywriting templates so you can create ads, blogs, bios, websites, and anything else you need in less than 10 seconds! Content creators, marketers, and teams alike can now collaborate in real-time and publish faster than ever before. 

Features of Simplified

  • Simplified is a collaborative design platform that helps streamline all of your creative needs, from images and videos to copywriting
  • It makes it easy to find inspiration and create stunning visuals with thousands of customizable templates in an instant
  • Choose from a library of millions of photos, thousands of fonts, and various design components
  • Say goodbye to scrolling through Pinterest boards for hours, never finding the perfect design
  • Easily make changes in seconds with drag-and-drop tools 
  • Create social media posts, Instagram stories, videos, ads, banners and more with professional designs and no extra effort
  • Start from scratch or let Simplified do the hard work for you - it's as simple as ‘drag, drop, done’!

Simplified AI Writer

How can Simplified help you?

  • Enjoy magic AI that can remove backgrounds, create animations, and resize images in one click
  • Take advantage of in-app publishing and scheduling to create and publish all your marketing content in the same platform
  • Say goodbye to exporting and downloading files just to upload them again – Simplified makes things, well, simple 
  • Tap into AI copywriting that allows you to create compelling copy fast, so you don't waste another second staring at a blank screen
  • Generate copy with SEO in mind that performs well across search engines, ads, product descriptions, social media, blogs, and more
  • Create engaging content with a tone and style specific to your brand

Pricing of Simplified

Simplified Pricing

Basic plan is free, paid plans start at $30 per month.

What users like about Simplified

  • Gain access to 35+ AI copywriting templates for ads, blogs, bios, and other forms of content 
  • Collaborate with multiple teams simultaneously through powerful features like instant commenting, tagging, and sharing 
  • Organize projects and assets into easily accessible folders to speed up approval process 
  • Build a Brand Kit with your colors, fonts, and logo to deliver consistent, beautiful content 
  • Tag, comment, and collaborate on designs in real-time to get your team on the same page 
  • Say goodbye to complex design workflows and get from idea to audience, faster 
  • Simplified is the key to effective yet simple content creation is very popular with more than 3 mil. monthly traffic, as reported by Similarweb. on similarweb

On Ubersuggest, has organic monthly traffic of 811k and the domain authority is 59. on ubersuggest

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