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Last updated: Jun 5, 2023

The pricing of WriterZen starts at $39 per month.

WriterZen is the tool you need to make sense of confusing search engine data and complicated algorithms.

It simplifies complex SEO analytics into actionable tasks that help you engage your users, rank high on search engines, and achieve success online.

With WriterZen, you can quickly identify lucrative long-tail keywords, generate unique content ideas, track their performance over time with detailed insights, and create content that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

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Best of all, it's GDPR-compliant, customizable, and white-labeled — perfect for use by marketers, marketing agencies, small businesses, and anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

WriterZen's Features

  • WriterZen is a comprehensive toolset that helps you identify golden topic opportunities 
  • The topic discovery tool lets you find strategic topics with low competition and great relevancy 
  • Developing topic clusters based on these untapped topic opportunities will help establish your authority on these topics 
  • Choose relevant keywords with WriterZen that fit the context of your content ideas 
  • Cutting-edge metrics developed by WriterZen’s in-house researchers make it easy to choose suitable keywords 
  • Cluster keywords based on their relevant, authority, search volume, and competition 
  • Automatically turn each cluster into an article to target a diverse range of keywords 
  • Write engaging content to reach a broad audience and capture more search engine attention

WriterZen Writing With AI

What users like about WriterZen

  • WriterZen features a keyword explorer and topic discovery tool to help you find the best keywords for your content
  • Once you have done your research, you can use the content creator tool to generate SEO-friendly content tailored to your individual needs
  • You can use WriterZen's sophisticated text editor and GPT-3 powered AI assistant to create content that is search-engine friendly and engaging for your audience
  • You can piece together your content with the world-class text editor, as well as gain insights with real-time suggestions
  • Once you're done writing, you can use the built-in plagiarism checker tool to identify any duplicate or poorly paraphrased content, helping you avoid Google penalties
  • WriterZen also allows you to quickly download reports which you can share with your team for simple collaboration
  • Finishing touches are quick and easy with the plagiarism checker, making sure all your content is original and avoiding Google penalties

WriterZen Pricing

So what are you waiting for? Achieve greater success with WriterZen.

On Similarweb, writerzen.com has an estimated monthly traffic of 98.4k. 

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On Ubersuggest, the domain writerzen.net has an estimated monthly organic traffic of 4,472 visits. The domain authority is 32.

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$39 / month  Get this deal